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Open Gear Greases


Designed for difficult to lube, out-of-bearing applications. TTL open gear greases provide an adhesive, migratory lubricating film that, when applied to a single gear, will carry itself through the complete gear system. For use anywhere metal surfaces are sliding, rolling or rubbing, these long-lasting synthetic blends provide maximum EP, antiwear, rust and corrosion protection.

TRI-333 Anti-Fling Grease

Tri-333 is a clean, golden colored, multipurpose open gear compound. This self-carrying lube has a smooth texture and superb adhesive powers that enable an entire gear system to be lubricated by applying it to a single gear. Ideal for any rolling or sliding surface-gears, cams, hinges, vertical slides, etc...

Bronze and Copper solids are engineered in, to plate out on metal surfaces, providing extra wear protection, TRI-333's self-healing film will not fling off! Superior low temperature pumpability.

  • Water resistant
  • Extreme pressure rated
  • Self carrying-will not fling off
  • Also available in "easy-to-use" caulking cartridges

T-OG1 Heavy Duty-Large Surface Areas

TTL's T-OG1 is an extremely adhesive grease fortified with solids for heavily loaded and large surface area applications. When gear diameters exceed 24"-30", this formulation provides an economical method of extended anti-wear protection. Forms a tough, durable, anti-corrosion film.

  • Self-healing film
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-fling
  • Automatic pumping systems

T-OGW Automatic Pumping

A lighter consistency of T-OG1 for low temperatures. Brushable and suited to exterior applications, this water-resistant grease offers longtime rust and corrosion protection.

  • No preheating
  • Anti-drip
  • Water resistant
  • EP rated


At the plant of one of the top manufacturers of plate glass, TRI 333 has been adopted as the only open gear lubricant. Maintenance personnel have given this product their highest approval rating because of its cleanliness, ease of application, and the non-fling lubricating film.

Tri-333 has extended lube cycles and has eliminated, year-to-date, all gear replacement and associated downtime!

Note: Additional NLGI Grades available. Marginal color variation is possible from batch to batch. The color has no effect on the lubrication properties of the grease.

Typical Properties

Penetration @ 770F / 250C295340380
Base Oil Viscosity
SUS @ 1000F (cSt)3100(669)--
ColorMetallic CopperBlackBlack
Drop point 0F/0C525/274450/232425/218
Timken Load Wear Test
OK Load, kg/lbs.32/7045/10045/100
Water resistanceExcellentExcellentExcellent
Operating Range