A leading manufacture of OEM Approved Synthetic and Specialty Lubricants. Custom Formulations. Worldwide Partnerships. Join Our Team. Click Here for Details. Product Application
Lead Manufacturer in OEM Approved Synthetic and Specialty Lubricants. Custom Formulations. Worldwide Partnerships. Join Our Team. Click Here for Details.


Tribology Tech-Tube (TTL) is a leading manufacturer of high performance synthetic and specialty lubricants. ISO 9001-2015 certified, we offer special application products for the industrial, institutional, commercial and export markets. And with four decades of experience and over 100 years of lubrication expertise and technology, TTL offers unmatched expertise in custom formulations for Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.’s.)

Technology and innovation are the foundation of our lubricant performance success. We combine chemical knowledge, technology and expertise to produce the best products to satisfy your industry needs and there is no customization that we cannot accommodate. TTL’s new product development is dedicated to customer performance specifications, cost and ROI.

Our Secret to Long Standing Client Relationships…

Unwavering dedication is the foundation of our client relationship success. We’re dedicated to our partners, their futures and their bottom line. We’ve serviced many of our customers for over three decades.

Our Customer Enrichment Program (CEP) is the perfect example of our commitment to superior products and service. Our team of engineers work closely with design engineers, maintenance managers and equipment operators to ensure that the right products fit your needs to increase productivity, extended equipment life, reduce maintenance and increase lubrication cycles – ultimately lowering your costs. Our support team is available, even after a purchase, to answer any additional questions and to help monitor the overall product performance.

Whether you’re looking for a multi-purpose or customized lubricant, a distributor partnership or would like to join our team, we’re here for you.

William Krause
Tribology Inc.
Made in America

The Tribology Tech-Lube modern facility has been engineered to harness increased and more efficient production capabilities for all lubricating oils and greases. Each product is made under consistent and ridged quality control measures. Both in-house laboratory and independent laboratory product analysis and research are used in the development and the ongoing quality control of all lubricants.


Tribology is founded by William Krause.


Tech-Lube is purchased by William Krause who combined the manufacturing capabilities under one roof as Tribology Tech-Lube (TTL).


TTL broke ground in Yaphank, New York to establish a new modern manufacturing facility.

October, 2018

TTL celebrated its 36th year.