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High Temperature Greases

TRI 1-2-3 HT

Made from a blend of special synthetic fluids for non-carbonizing performance in high temperatures. TRI 1-2-3 HT is formulated to clean prior carbon deposits as it lubricates. Excellent for a variety of applications in plain, journal and anti-friction bearings. Recommended for ovens, tenter frames, hot air exhaust fans, dryers, and overhead trolley bearings used in the appliance and automotive industry.

  • Medium to high speeds 
  • Non Carbonizing-Clean
  • Non Hardening
  • AW/EP
  • Extended Bearing and Shaft Life


A combination of medium viscosity synthetic base oils, anti-wear additives and high temperature solids. Formulated to handle the mid to high ranges of speed and temperature where TRI 1-2-3 HT leaves off. Exceptional resistance to heat and moisture and ideal for applications where drippage cannot be tolerated.

  • Controlled Volatility Extends Lube Cycles
  • Medium to High Speeds
  • Plain, Journal and Anti-Friction Bearings
  • Lubricating Solids

T-707 High Speed/High Temperature

Non-drip feature makes this grease desirable for high speeds and temperatures. Made from a combination of an ashless, inorganic thickener and a blend of synthetic base fluids which were originally developed for jet aircraft use. Available with Graphite, T-707G.

  • High Speed
  • Non-Carbonizing
  • Cleans as it Lubricates


High viscosity synthetic base fluids with an ashless inorganic thickener. High temperature-sealed for life bearings. Exceptional in oven and tenter frame bearing usage where temperatures constantly exceed 350°F/177°C.

  • Red Color for Easy Identification
  • Slow to Medium Speeds
  • Extended Lube Cycles
  • Low base oil volatility
  • Extends Both Bearing & Shaft Life
  • Available with Graphite ( Red Gold G)

Notes: Additional NLGI grades available upon request.

Important: Optimum lubrication cycles for high temperature greases are accurately determined by close monitoring for the first 3-6 months.

Typical Properties

ProductTRI 1-2-3 HTBlaCk GoldT-707Red Gold
Worked Penetration
@ 770F / 250C
270 - 290
Base oil Viscosity
cSt @ 40 0C47516270604
cSt @ 100 0C3718.710.648
SUS @ 100 0F22007503252800
SUS @ 210 0F 1749361216
ColorDark AmberBlackAmberRed
Drop Point 0F/0CNoneNoneNoneNone
Timken Load Wear Test
OK Load, kg/Ibs.34/7532/7032/7023/50
Operating Range