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Contamination Resistant Greases

Multi-Functional Extreme Pressure Grease

TRI-MOLY Grease is a highly stable, contamination resistant lubricant that has been fashioned for maximum multi-purpose performance to permit minimum inventory. TRI-MOLY is a combination of synthetic fluids, high viscosity base oils, and special additives including a friction reducing MoS2 (Moly) package.

  • Impervious to water and steam washout 
  • Drop point over 500°F/260°C 
  • Resistant to mild chemicals - acids, alkalines, detergents, soaps 
  • EP and anti-wear protection 
  • Extends equipment life 
  • TRI-MOLY LT for Extreme Low Temperature


TRI-SUPREME is a Calcium Sulfonate based grease that provides inherent extreme pressure properties and unequaled protection against water, moisture, condensation, rust and corrosion attacks. It has exceptional oxidation and mechanical stability. The high drop point assures superior protection at continuous, elevated temperatures.

TRI-SUPREME has excellent resistance to water and steam washout. TRI-SUPREME contains no heavy metals and has excellent compatibility with other greases. Also available with Moly (TRI-SUPREME M)

  • Excellent Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • High Drop Point
  • Water Resistant
  • Excellent in Corrosive Environments

T-800 S
Adhesive Waterproof Grease

A fibrous, adhesive compound that resists the wiping and squeezing actions of pins, bushings (plain bearings) and is ideal for anti-friction bearings. Exceptional rust and corrosion protection where water and salt normally destroy bearing lubrication. Good for applications, such as snow plow caster wheels, commercial car washes and laundries.

  • High shock load protection 
  • T-800-1 for Superior Low Temperature Pumpability

BLUE EXTREME Tenacious/Extreme Service

BLUE EXTREME is a Lithium Complex grease recommended for plain and anti-friction bearings. This adhesive, heavy duty grease is formulated with a high viscosity base oil and a special additive package which insures high film strength and extreme pressure properties. BLUE EXTREME is impervious to water and steam and has a drop point that exceeds 500°F/260°C. Made from high viscosity index base oils and an extremely shear stable lithium thickener.

  • Tacky
  • Attractive Blue Color
  • Extreme Pressure
  • Self-Sealing

Notes: Additional NLGI Grades Available

Typical Properties

Worked Penetration
@ 77 0F / 25 0C
270 - 290
cSt @ 40 0C262175162350
cSt @ 100 0C24
SUS @ 100 0F1214
SUS @ 210 0F1169188133
ColorGrayBlue-Green TanBlue
ThickenerAluminum Complex Aluminum ComplexCalcium SulfonateLithium Complex
Dropr Point 0F/0C525/274500/260 575/302525/274
Timken Load Wear Test
OK Load, kg/Ibs.
Water ResistanceExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
Operating Range