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Lubricating and Penetrating

Tribology Tech-Lube's powerful penetrating chain oils have been developed for applications where the lubricant penetrates to reach the pins and bushings located within roller chains. Additional Applications include hinges, castors, rollers, bolts, screw assemblies, bushings and cables.

These chain oils also protect equipment by retarding rust corrosion. TRICO chain oils are excellent for aiding in the disassembly of rusted parts. These non-oily, non-greasy formulations eliminate dust, lint and particulate contamination build up and minimize wear, noise, chain stretch and untimely equipment failure. TRICO oils are easily applied by brush, drip or automatic lubricators.

TRICO WR- Water Resistant Chain Oil

Proven to extend chain life operating in wet conditions. Penetrates and leaves a water resistant, protective film on chain and part surfaces.

  • Anti-wear protection
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Water Resistant

TRICO 100 Light
TRICO 200 Medium
TRICO 300 Heavy 

Synthetic Roller Chain Oils fortified with a highly concentrated package of submicron sized molybdenum disulfide. Maximum and rapid penetration into pins, rollers and bushings, reducing wear and chain stretch.

  • Cleans
  • Eliminates contamination buildup
  • Penetrates to loosen and free stiff chains
  • Quickly produces flexible chain action
  • Eliminates Chain Stick/Slip Motion


This formula, similar to TRICO 100, uses a concentrated package of PTFE for maximum cleanliness. It leaves a clear, dry film of protective lubrication that does not drip, run or stain.

  • Available in Aerosol


A synergistic combination of high viscosity synthetic fluids provide an adhesive and anti-fling lubricating film for multiple applications. Effective spreading, wetting and penetrating properties insure complete chain assembly protection. SYNTEMP 2000’s high load, high temperature protection eliminates chain wear and reduces energy consumption.

  • Low Volatility
  • Residue-free
  • Exceptional anti-wear protection
  • High temperature applications
  • High viscosity
  • Available in Aerosol

Typical application SYNTEMP 2000

Transport and Conveying Chain Track Assemblies • Wire Rope and Cable• High Speed Chains • Slide • Ways and Guides • Pins and Bushings • Bearings

Typical Properties are noted without penetrant (except Pour Point).

TRICO 100, 101, 200, 300 should not be applied to hot chains above 150°F/65°C.
The penetrant is designed to evaporate after application.
After evaporation, TRICO 100, 200, and 300 can be used at elevated temperatures, not to exceed 235°F/113°C.
Typical Properties are noted without penetrant (except Pour Point).

Typical Properties

ProductTrico 100Trico 101Trico 200Trico 300SYNTEMP 2000Trico WR
ISO VG3232461001000320
Viscosity w/Penetrant
cSt @ 400C6.96.921.941.3--
SUS @ 100 0F5050110199--
Viscosity w/o Penetrant
cSt @ 400C3232581001081324
SUS @ 100 0F15015026946450081500
Rust Test ASTM D-665PassPassPassPassPassPass
Flash Point COC 0F/0C410/210410/210415/212415/212450/232435/224
Pour Point 0F/0C-56/-49-56/-49-53/-47-47/-44-20/-7-5/-20
4 Ball Wear - 1200rpm
(167 0F/75 0C, 40kg/1hr.)
Scar Diameter,mm