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T-10/50 is designed for a wide range of general lubrication including circulation systems; small and medium-sized gear drives, bearings, cams, ways, pumps, chain baths, and slide configurations. It is used in drip cups, automatic lube systems and oil cans.

  • Non-drip/Non-foaming
  • High VI's
  • Increased equipment efficiency and life
  • Rust and corrosion protection

T-10/50 SP 

T-10/50 SP semi-synthetic is a true multi-grade, multi-purpose oil designed for general plant use. It is an economical alternative to straight mineral oil lubricants and it proven to out-perform mineral oils in every important category.

  • Oxidation resistant 
  • Anti-wear and EP film strength 
  • Low evaporation and make-up rates 
  • Rust and corrosion protection 
  • Non-drip 
  • Increased equipment efficiency
  • Reduced consumption and inventory  


The synergistic blending of high quality petroleum and synthetic base fluids guarantees diversity and superior service, plant wide. T-7000 is compatible with conventional petroleum lubricants and make inventory control simple. 

  • Maximum anti-wear protection and long life
  • Excellent oxidation resistance 
  • Non-drip/non-foaming 
  • Increased equipment efficiency
  • Multi-application

T-ATO Air Tool Oils 

These special water-absorbing oils are for use in all types of air tools and pneumatic equipment. T-ATO “sponges” moisture and condensation out of air-operated equipment with its unique additive package. ATO can absorb up to 10% of its own weight in water. These oils extend air-tool life with superior anti-wear and EP performance.

  • Prevent Equipment Seizure 
  • Cleans existing gummy deposits left by hydraulic, motor and light machine oils 
  • Eliminates power robbing deposits 
  • Low Temperature/Non-Freeze (ATO-22LT) 
  • Food Grade Formula (ATO-32FG)

Typical Properties

ProductT-10/50T-10/50 SpT-7032T-7046T-7068T-7100T-7150T-7220T-ATO 32T-ATO 22
ISO VG1001003246681001502203222
cSt @ 40 0C95953246681001502203219
cSt @ 100 0C12.
SUS @ 100 0F440440150214315463695101915094
SUS @ 210 0F67624448556477964536
Viscosity Index121100969799979799114-
Flash Point 0F/0C450/232425/218425-218425-218425-218450/232450/232450/232430/221380/193
Pour Point 0F/0C-31/-35-25/-32-25/-32-25/-32-20/-29-20/-29-15/-26-7/-22-18/-28-60/-51
4 Ball Wear - 1200rpm
(167 0F/75 0C, 40kg/1hr.)
Scar Diameter, mm



Polyalphaolefin formulated for every operating atmosphere in rotary, vane, reciprocating and centrifugal compressor design.

  • Provide exceptionally long drain intervals and total system compatibility


Diester-formulated to eliminate sludge, varnish and shellac buildup at elevated temperatures.

  • Provide long-term lubrication

TTL Ultima Coolant

A synergistic blend of Polyglycol, Pentaerythritol Tetraester and TTL‘s proprietary additive system. It does not contain any mineral oil or hydrocarbon base stocks.

  • High thermal conductivity allows for better heat transfer
  • Eliminates the problems associated with today’s high performance rotary air compressors


Polyalphaolefin (PAO) based synthetic lubricant specifically used where there may be incidental food contact with lubricants in the discharge air.


TTL gear oils deliver maximum protection against friction, wear and heavy shock loads. They have the excellent ability to absorb and remove heat from gear surfaces with minimal effect on gear oil performance. Field tests show reduced power consumption through reduced friction in all types of gear drive designs. Typical power reduction is 6% to 15%.


Formulated for enclosed gear sets operating under extremely high demand conditions.

  • Effective in both extreme high and low temperature applications


Designed for oil applications where abnormal temperatures are encountered. Recommended for the lubrication of gears, circulating systems, plain and anti-friction bearings, journals and metal-to-metal sliding loads.


Typical Properties

ProductT-HYD 32T-HYD 46T-HYD 68T-HYD 100T-HYD 32 SPT-HYD 46 SPT-HYD 68 SPT-HYD 100 SP
ISO VG324668100324668100
cSt @ 40 0C32466865324668100
cSt @ 100 0C5.
SUS @ 100 0F150214315302150214315464
SUS @ 210 0F4550585944495666
Viscosity Index119117121135102105104107
Flash Point COC 0F/0C445/229445/229455/235465/240425-218430/221430/221435/224
Pour Point 0F/0C-30/-34-25/-32-20/-29-20/-29-20/-29-20/-29-15/-26-5/-20
Vickers Mobile EquipmentM-2950-S/35VQ25
Vickers Industrial EquipmentI-2865
Hagglunds DenisonHF-0
Cincinnatti MilicronP-68, P-69, P-70


T-3800 HT

Stable up to 525°F/274°C.
Molybdenum disulfide micron particles in colloidal suspension.

  • Excellent anti-wear characteristics and power savings through friction reduction
  • Ashless, smokeless with no carbon, varnish or gummy residues at higher and continuous temperatures
  • Low volatility
  • Extended lube cycles
  • Self-cleaning
  • USDA H2 approved

T-911 HT

Stable up to 425°F/218°C.
A combination of synthetic oils and submicron molybdenum disulfide for maximum lubrication of all moving parts on all chain designs. The synthetic fluids have a powerful cleaning action that breaks down and dissolves carbon, varnish and gum buildup.

  • Energy-efficien
  • Anti-wear
  • Ashless
  • Extends chain and track life

T-909 HT

Stable up to 325°F/163°C.
Semi-synthetic high temperature chain lubricant that is (use?). Available with Moly or Graphite packages.

  • Superior anti-wear protection
  • Long-life lubrication
  • Medium viscosity
  • Excellent adhesion

T-919 HT

Stable up to 375°F/190°C.
Made from 100% synthetic fluids, this economical high-temperature chain oil of the highest quality ester, high viscosity index oils, combined with TTL's proprietary additive package will ensure clean chain and track operation.

  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Anti-wear protection
  • Reduce downtime

T-38150 HT, T-38220 HT & T-38320 H T

Stable up to 525°F/274°C.
All the same advantages of T-3800 HT, with heavier viscosity base fluids for added load carrying protection and higher chain speeds. Also available with M-Moly, T-PTFE, and G-Graphite packages.



Stable up to 350°C/662°F
TRIFLUNOX Oils are formulated with fluorinated (PFPE) fluids to create some of the most stable inert fluids known today. These fluorinated oils have a high affinity to metal surfaces and will out wet water and other corrosive liquids. They are compatible with all types of metals, all synthetic rubbers, elastomers and plastics and are stable under the influence of radiation or electron bombardment.

  • Chemically inert 
  • Non-Flammable 
  • Oxygen-compatible 
  • Oxidation-resistant 
  • Resistance to chemicals (sulfuric acid and chlorine)
  • Resistance to highly compressed gases (nitrous gases and halogens)
  • Long-term lubrication 
  • Low pour and volatility rating

Note: For optimum performance thorough cleaning of equipment is highly recommended


Typical Properties

ISO Grade57153268150220460
Viscosity, cSt
20 0C71636801805508101600
40 0C48153060160270440
100 0C-2359182542
Pour point
Density, g/ml
00C (320F)1.871.891.911.921.931.941.951.95
1000C (2120F)1.671.71.721.741.751.761.771.78
Maximum Volatility, % in 22 hours
@ 66 0C (1500F)1122111<1-
@ 121 0C (2500F)8729207321-
@ 204 0C (4000F)-----10<5<1
Appearanceclear, colorless fluid
4-Ball Wear Test
(20 kg/107 0C (2500F)/1200rmp/60 min)
Wear Scar, mm ( 0.01)
Friction Coefficient ( 0.003)
Load-Carrying Ability
Max. Load,Ibs.13751400125015551450>4500>4500>4500
Torque at max.
Load, in Ib.3031323532566565
Estimated Useful Fluid Range


TTL TRICO oils are powerful penetrating chain oils that reach the pins and bushings located within roller chains. Additional Applications include hinges, castors, rollers, bolts, screw assemblies, bushings and cables. These chain oils are excellent for aiding in the disassembly of rusted parts. These non-oily, non-greasy formulations eliminate dust, lint and particulate contamination buildup and minimize wear, noise, chain stretch and untimely equipment failure.


This water-resistant chain oil is proven to extend chain life operating in wet conditions. It penetrates and leaves a water resistant, protective film on all surfaces.

  • Anti-wear protection
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection

TRICO 100 Light
TRICO 200 Medium
TRICO 300 Heavy 

These synthetic roller chain oils fortified with a highly concentrated package of submicron sized molybdenum disulfide allow for maximum and rapid penetration into pins, rollers and bushings, reducing wear and chain stretch. TRICO 100 is available in aerosol.

  • Cleans
  • Eliminates contamination buildup
  • Penetrates to loosen and free stiff chains
  • Quickly produces flexible chain action


This formula uses a concentrated package of PTFE for maximum cleanliness that leaves a clear, dry film of protective lubrication. Available in aerosol.

  • Non-drip / non-stain
  • Residue-free


A synergistic combination of high viscosity synthetic fluids provide an adhesive and anti-fling lubricating film for multiple applications. Effective spreading, wetting and penetrating properties insure complete chain assembly protection. SYNTEMP 2000’s high load, high temperature protection eliminates chain wear and reduces energy consumption. Available in aerosol.

  • Low Volatility 
  • Residue-free 
  • Exceptional anti-wear protection 
  • High temperature applications 
  • High viscosity

Typical Properties

ProductTrico 100Trico 101Trico 200Trico 300SYNTEMP 2000Trico WR
ISO VG3232461001000320
Viscosity w/Penetrant
cSt @ 400C6.96.921.941.3--
SUS @ 100 0F5050110199--
Viscosity w/o Penetrant
cSt @ 400C3232581001081324
SUS @ 100 0F15015026946450081500
Rust Test ASTM D-665PassPassPassPassPassPass
Flash Point COC 0F/0C410/210410/210415/212415/212450/232435/224
Pour Point 0F/0C-56/-49-56/-49-53/-47-47/-44-20/-7-5/-20
4 Ball Wear - 1200rpm
(167 0F/75 0C, 40kg/1hr.)
Scar Diameter,mm