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Low Temperature Greases


Clear Color/Non Freezing

Designed for low temperature freezer and cold storage applications. The clear, attractive color of this grease makes it suitable for all low temperature jobs where cleanliness is a consideration! Multi-purpose ratings for pressure, speed and temperature.

  • Ideal for refrigeration and cold storage equipment
  • Excellent for Arctic Conditions
  • Pliable Down to -65°F/-54°C
  • Available with PTFE


ULTRA GOLD 60 is a high performance grease specifically formulated for ultra high speed bearing applications. This high purity grease uses a low viscosity synthetic fluid to produce a dynamically light lubricating grease.

ULTRA GOLD 60 provides extended protection against corrosion and has high oxidation stability properties. It will eliminate any carbon or varnish deposits and will extend bearing and shaft life. ULTRA GOLD 60 offers excellent low temperature pumpability and has a low start and running in torque value, making it desirable for a wide range of precision and miniature bearing applications.

  • Water & Steam Resistant
  • Extended Life Grease
  • High Speed
  • Low Viscosity Base Oil


  • Small & Miniature Bearingst
  • High Precision Bearings
  • Long Life Bearings
  • Miniature Motors
  • Telecommunications & Optical Devices
  • Dental & Medical Equipment
  • Low Noise Level Bearings
  • Textile Machine Spindles
  • Machine Tool Spindles
  • Clutches
  • Starters
  • Low Temperature Automotive Applications.


Low Temperature/EP Bearing Grease

TRI MOLY #2 LT has been developed specifically for year round service in applications where low temperatures are experienced on a regular basis. It is formulated to stay soft and pliable at sub-zero temperatures for both indoor and outdoor use!

TRI MOLY #2 LT uses a special low viscosity, synthetic base stock along with an aluminum complex thickener to provide both Low/High Temperature protection and Maximum Water Resistance.

TRI MOLY #2 LT is fortified with TTL’s exclusive Moly-EP-Anti-Wear additive package for extended bearing and part life. The light base fluid makes this all-purpose lubricant desirable for high speed bearings in normal operating temperatures.

  • Low Temperature Pumpability.
  • Impervious To Water & Steam.
  • Moly Fortified.
  • Rust & Corrosion Protection.
  • SUB ZERO Performance.
  • EP Rated.
  • Construction/Mining Equipment Lube.
  • Summer/Winter Service

Notes: Additional NLGI grades available upon request

Typical Properties

ProductClear GoldUltra gold 60TRI MoLY #2 LT
Worked Penetration
@ 77 0F / 25 0C
270 - 290
Base oil Viscosity
cSt @ 40 0C902928.2
cSt @ 100 0C12.35.65.3
SUS @ 100 0F463137150
SUS @ 210 0F694445
ThickenerInorganicLithium ComplexAluminum Complex
Drop Point 0F/0CNone455/235525/274
Timken Load Wear Test
OK Load, kg/Ibs.23/50-27/60
Water ResistanceVery GoodExcellentExcellent
Operating Range
0C -48/191-40/230-56/177