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15 Reasons To Invest In TACO Air Compressor Oils

  1. Extend oil drain intervals;
    Reciprocating Units.......10,000 - 15,000 hours
    Rotary Units.........4,000 to 8,000 hours
  2. Eliminate carbon, varnish and shellac buildup increasing valve life.
  3. Eliminate semi-annual or annual compressor tear down, rebuilds and expensive part replacement costs, (i,e. valves and separators).
  4. Eliminate seasonal oil changes and associated downtime.
  5. Eliminate seal and gasket deterioration and replacement.
  6. Reduce oil consumption and DPM's.
  7. Reduce waste oil disposal costs!
  8. Reduce friction and power consumption; 3% to 15%!
  9. Reduce compressor operating temperatures.
  10. Reduce oil carryover into the air system.
  11. Reduce labor costs; oil drains, storage and handling, maintenance, etc…
  12. Excellent Oil/Water separation….drain and operate!
  13. Increase compressor operating efficiencies; 5 to 10%!
  14. Increase compressor equipment reliability!
  15. Reduce OVERALL compressor operating costs.