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The TTL FGO-SP Specialty family of Food Grade, Non Toxic Lubricating oils use an innovative combination of highly refined components that "meet all FDA specified requirements", and "out-perform", "outlast" and "out-protect" all conventional food grade lubricating oils.

FGO-SP Specialty Oils are semi synthetic oils using the most effective combination of high grade, non toxic mineral oils, and synthetic fluids. These oils contain powerful antioxidants that prolong oil service life in every mechanical application, and minimize the possibility of lubricant deterioration that leads to harmful sludge, gum and varnish deposits.

• Exceptional Load Carrying Properties
• Excellent Adhesion
• Friction Reducing - Power Saving Properties
• Anti-Wear Additives
• Superior Oxidation Resistance

T-FGO 100 SP • T-FGO 150 SP
T-FGO 220 SP • T-FGO 320 SP
T-FGO 460 SP • T-FGO 680 SP

T-FGO-SP Gear Oils provide extended service life and extra protection in all types of gear drives. These gear oils contain strong antioxidants along with anti-rust, corrosion and anti-foam inhibitors. Food grade EP and anti-wear additives give superior lubricity and higher load carrying capabilities that can often reduce operating temperatures.

T-FGO-SP Gear Oils are multipurpose lubricants that can be used in other general applications, including; bearing reservoirs, ways, slides, guides, circulating systems, chains and more!

• Power Reduction
• Leakage Reduction
• Oxidation Resistant
• Anti-Foam

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