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TTL-FGO Synthetic families of Food Grade, Non Toxic Lubricating Oils are formulated from the highest quality, food grade synthetic fluids and the latest food grade additive chemistry. This synergistic combination results in the most modern family of synthetic food grade lubricants available for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. TTL-FGO Synthetics have the overwhelming advantage of the inherent oxidation stability, naturally high viscosity indexes and the advance lubricating properties of approved PAO and Polyglycol synthetic fluids,.— plus — the unique, innovative and improved TTL food grade additive packages! These “pace setting” lubricants improve manufacturing efficiencies in many ways; by extending gear and part life, by reducing equipment wear, by extending relubrication cycles, by reducing operating temperatures, by resisting the detrimental effects of contamination, and many other positive improvements in production equipment operation. TTL FGO Synthetics create equipment reliability by optimizing lubricant life, and minimizing production downtime!

Synthetic Gear Oils
T-FGO 100, T-FGO 150, T-FG0 220 , T-FGO 320, T-FGO 460, T-FGO 680

FGO Fully Synthetic Food Grade, Non-Toxic Gear Oils are formulated with the use of approved synthetic fluids for maximum chemical and thermal stability.

These modern fluids are fortified with the newest developments in food grade additive packages to create a superior lubricating film strength, and maximum anti-wear protection. T-FGO Gear Oils are used in all types of industrial gear drives subjected to heavy loads, and meet the special needs of worm gear designs.

Because of the tenacious lubricating film of these food grade gear oils, they are excellent lubricants for applications where “polar plating” properties are desirable; chains, slides, ways, guides, and more. The rust and corrosion properties of these oils make them highly effective as protective coatings on equipment located in wet or humid atmospheres.

• Non-Foaming
• Power Reduction
• Extended Drain Intervals
• High VI Ratings
• Leakage Reduction
• Reduced Operating Temperatures
• Rust and Corrosion Protection
• Maximum Anti-Wear
• Low Volatility

Note: Compatible with most seals. Not compatible with Neoprene (polychlorprene)or butadiene - mixed polymers.

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