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TACO HT synthetic compressor oils are polyalphaolefin formulated for every operating atmosphere in rotary, vane, centrifugal and reciprocating compressor designs.

Rotary Compressors

The continuous high temperature circulating oil design of the efficient rotary compressors demands the exceptionally high oxidation stability formulation of the TACO HT oil. The non-degrading, non-carbonizing performance eliminates serious system malfunctioning caused by the rapid formation of varnish and shellac in both oil and air pathways. Costly air/oil separator life is extended indefinitely. With proper monitoring, TACO HT oils can extend oil drain intervals up to 8,000 hours versus the limited 1,000/1,500 hours for petroleum.

The natural high viscosity index (VI) will typically increase compressor efficiencies 3 to 5 %, due to full, anti-thinning, hydrodynamic sealing properties between the rotor and the internal air pressurizing casing.

Reciprocating Compressors

TACO HT oils are utilized in all types of reciprocating compressors from small to large cfm units. The non-carbonizing properties of TACO HT oils are used in compressor crankcase reservoirs and for automatic cylinder lubricator. Results have shown extended crankcase oil drain intervals up to 10,000 hours. These oils provide superior cylinder lubrication and eliminate harmful carryover into the air distribution system. Due to the exceptional lubricity and high viscosity index (VI) the drops per minute (DPM) setting of the automatic cylinder lubricating units can be reduced up to 33 %, minimizing oil consumption with no sacrifice of the highly improved operating conditions. TACO HT oils eliminate costly semi-annual compressor valve repair and replacement maintenance and all associated downtime.

TACO HT High Performance Compressor Oil

• Extended Drain Intervals
• Maximum Anti-Wear Protection
• Excellent Compatibility
• Increased Efficiency
• Reduces Power Consumption
• Non-Carbonizing
• Excellent Oil/Water Separation
• Air System Cleanliness
• Excellent Pour point

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