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TTL multi-purpose, non-toxic greases are synthetically and specialty blended lubricants utilizing synthetic fluids, highly refined mineral oils, and a combination of both. These base fluids are then combined with an excellent array of food grade additives, including friction reducing powders, such as; PTFE, to stabilize and enhance the performance of each grease.


T-FGG-HD is an all purpose grease that is fortified with micron fine PTFE for friction reducing performance, and supplied with a “tack” additive for extra adhesive powers. These additives create additional load carrying properties and added temperature stability. The inert PTFE powders provide increased resistance to most types of contamination. T-FGG-HD is desirable for use in many heavy duty, metal-to-metal applications; slides, guides, ways, small gears and cams, and more.

• White Color
• Slow to Medium Speeds
• High Impact-Shock Load Resistance
• Superior Plain Bearing Lubrication
• Available Without Tack - T-FGG-HD (Specify no tack)


An innovative combination of food grade additives, makes T-FGG-EXCEL the ultimate choice for anti-wear, extreme pressure and load carrying protection in all bearings. The long term, mechanical stability of T-FGG-EXCEL, prevents and retards the infiltration of harmful particulate contamination, such as; dust, dirt, soot, resins, and more.

• Long Life Lubrication
• Reduced Equipment Downtime
• Extra Lube and Bearing Life
• Extended Part and Equipment Life
• Anti-Wear Protection
• Non-Melt
• Water Clear Color


T-FGG is a Multi-Purpose Bearing Grease that possess an excellent combination of temperature and load carrying abilities, providing a tough, durable lubricating film between bearing surfaces. The non-melt feature gives maximum retention and mechanical stability in all bearing designs, guaranteeing extended bearing and shaft life.

• Odorless and Tasteless
• Extends Lube Cycles
• Extra Load Protection
• Water Clear Color


To meet repeated customer requests for the economical-all purpose food grade grease, TTL has formulated the T-FGG-SP grease from specialty blended base fluids, along with several carefully selected food grade additives. This grease is designed for use in routine lubricating applications, such as; conveyor belt bearings, slow to moderate speed fan bearings, and other food processing equipment, not subject to extreme loads and speeds. T-FGG-SP will provide excellent service throughout typical food producing plants and any associated industries, at a competitive cost.

• Economical
• Multi-Purpose Service
• Water Clear Color

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