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T-9000 Gear Oils have been designed for oil and reservoir applications where abnormal temperatures are encountered. Recommended for the lubrication of gears, circulating systems, plain and anti-friction bearings, journals and metal-to-metal sliding loads.

T-9000 Oils are formulated from selected polyglycol fluids to assure naturally high viscosity index (VI) ratings for extended temperature stability in areas where a wide range of temperature highs and lows can be experienced. The natural high protection is supplemented with selective additives to provide maximum lubricating film strength, anti-wear protection and a longer, effective service life.

T-9000 Oils are multi-grade rated which eliminates summer/winter change over. They are particularly suited to worm gear applications where both high rolling and sliding loads are present.

T-9000 reduces friction, increases gearbox efficiency and is resistant to aging.

T-9000 Oils are not miscible with mineral oils. They are compatible with most seals with NBR, FKM or VMO types recommended. They are NOT compatible with neoprene (polychloroprene) or butadeini-mixed polymers and may attack some machine paints. Suitability testing should be conducted in application areas of uncertainty.

• Superior Low Temperature Performance
• Low Volatility
• High Temperature Stability
• Extended Oil Drain Intervals
• Energy and Power Reduction
• Excellent Oxidation Stability
• Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs

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