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T-1000 Series are fully synthetic industrial gear lubricants formulated for enclosed gear sets operating under extremely high demand conditions. The special combination of synthetic fluids makes these oils desirable and effective in both extreme high and low temperature applications.

Longer oil life means far longer oil change intervals for permanent type lubrication cycles and a reduction in maintenance and disposal expense.

T-1000 Series offer excellent viscosity-temperature stability to provide maximum protection against viscosity change and equipment wear. This thermal stability is active at low temperatures to prevent premature thickening and at high temperatures to prevent rapid viscosity thinning. These oils will not create carbon, gum or varnish deposits that cause untimely oil and part deterioration. This series of oils are compatible with petroleum-based fluids, meaning that only a thorough drain of the existing product is required for changeover. These oils are compatible with most metals, seals, gasketing and miscellaneous system components.

T-1460 & T-1680 are particularly suited for high demand, worm gear applications that involve heavily loaded, sliding, metal-to-metal contact. Energy and temperature reductions in the 10 - 15% range are common. The synthetic hydrocarbon and special ester fluids include an optimum anti-wear, EP-bronze compatible additive package for maximum load carrying, long life service.

• Viscosity+Temperature Stability
• Excellent Demulsibility
• Longer Drain Life
• Low Pour Point
• Lowers Energy Costs
• Eliminates Carbon and Varnish

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