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Lower Operating Costs

TTL gear oils deliver maximum protection against friction, wear and heavy shock loads. They have the excellent ability to absorb and remove heat from gear surfaces with minimal effect on gear oil performance. The proprietary additive system of TTL gear oils provides for extended drain intervals. Synthetic, Synthetic Blends (SP) and Specialty Formulations will outlast conventional gear oils and reduce waste oil disposal. TTL Gear Oils offer exceptional protection when subjected to extreme loads, speeds, temperature and environmental influences. They are cost effective and are designed to control and reduce maintenance costs.

Maximum Gear Systems Service

The unique plating action of these gear oils assure metal-to-metal separation and protects against shock loads, scuffing and wear. EP (Extreme Pressure) film strength ratings reach 150,000+ psi for continuous EP/antiwear protection. TTL gear oils are fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2-Moly) and can be used in all types of gear designs; spur, bevel, spiral bevel, helical, herringbone, hypoid and worm.

Multi-Purpose Service

In addition to gear drive usage, TTL gear oils are used in bearing baths and reservoirs, on ways and slides, and all other applications specifying a gear lubricant. Low temperature operating ranges assure easy and smooth cold start ups. The multi-viscosity oils minimize oil inventory and incorrect oil selection.

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