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T-FGBL 180

T-FGBL 180 is a smokeless, odorless high temperature chain oil formulated with finely powdered natural graphite and a highly refined carrier. The fine graphite powders used in the FGBL family of oils actually gain in lubricating strength as the temperatures increase! This chain oil has the ability to penetrate and coat all moving parts, assuring trouble free operation and reduced frictional drag.

The liquid carrier evaporates without smoke or residue and the odorless feature of 180, minimizes any possibility of operator complaints. This multi-purpose chain oil will not burn or char under high oven temperatures. It is excellent for traveling hearth bread ovens, traveling chain biscuit ovens, traveling tray bread ovens, and rotary and reel ovens.

• Odor Free
• High Flash Point
• Minimal Pre-Lube Agitation
• Economical
• Reduces Chain Drive Amperage and Wear
• Minimizes Operator Complaints

T-FGBL 300

T-FGBL 300 is a non-flammable, fire resistant oven chain lubricant designed for use on ovens that cannot be cooled down for proper lubricating procedures. The special combination of a fine graphite powder and blended synthetic carrier causes a smooth and rapid conveyance of the lubricant to all friction points on oven chains.

T-FGBL 300 can be applied to hot oven chain systems, up to 300°F/149°C. The graphite lubricating film minimizes chain drag and friction between all moving parts, reducing power consumption and overload stoppage.

• No Flash Point
• Reduces Expensive Downtime
• Energy Efficient
• Apply to Hot Chains
• Fire Resistant
• No Residue


T-FGBL 300 HT is a synergistic blend of highly processed graphite powders and a selected, synthetic carrier. This oil is engineered to give "full-film" dry lubrication between all chain systems parts, in temperatures up to 1600°F/871°C! FGBL 300 HT will not carbonize or produce gummy, power robbing deposits and can be applied safely to "hot chains." The synthetic carrier assures rapid and complete penetration into all chain parts without the use of solvents.

• Eliminates Expensive Downtime
• Contains No Petroleum Products
• Apply to Chains up to 300°F/149°C
• Will Not Carbonize
• Friction and Noise Reduction


T-FGBL 300 HTX is designed to give added protection for "high temperature - highly loaded" oven chain systems. The extra EP fortified formula of HTX assures maximum metal-to-metal separation. The engineered combination of blended synthetic oils and additives, gives 300HTX a powerful cleaning action that breaks down and dissolves prior carbon, varnish and gum buildup. T-FGBL 300HTX is clear in color and has an ISO 320 rating and can be applied by any conventional lubricating method.

• EP Protection
• No Harmful Deposits
• Maximum Anti-Wear
• Extended Part Life
• Power Reduction
• 425°F/218°C Temperature Range

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