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TAS 6000 EP Anti Seize Bearing Grease
(650°F / 343°C)

TAS 6000EP was developed specifically for slow to medium speed, plain and anti-friction bearings. The low volatility and non-carbonizing, smokeless properties of this grease make it desirable for “hard-to-get-to” bearings needing extended lube cycles.

• Water and Chemical Resistant
• Non-Melting
• Extends Lube Cycles
• Slow to Medium Speeds
• PTFE Fortified
• O-Ring Assembly Compatibility
• Sealant Lubricant

TAS 100 EP Solid Film Lubrication
(750°F / 400°C

TAS 100EP is a special anti seize compound that lubricates as a grease, and provides solid film lubrication in extreme temperatures. Non-melting with a heavy concentration of Moly- MoS2 for maximum protection.

• Slow speeds in anti-friction, plain or sleeve bearings
• Excellent for Stainless Steel Applications
• Protects Against Galling and Seizing
• Exceptional Plating Properties

ALLOY III Anti Seize Compound

ALLOY III is a combination of metallic solids and special additives for maximum metal protection. ALLOY III paste creates a long lasting lubricating seal between mated metal surfaces. This nickelcolored compound has a smooth texture that makes it desirable for press fit, sleeve and threaded applications of all types.

• Easy Spreadability
• Mining Applications—Revolving Bit Lube
• Superior Metal plating eliminates fretting and galvanic action.

TAS 2000 EP Copper Anti Seize
(1800°F / 980°C)

Copper anti seize compound offers extraordinary plating properties to eliminate welding and seizure of metal surfaces when exposed to extreme pressure and high temperature.

• Brake Parts
• Spark Plugs
• Boiler Assemblies and Coke Ovens
• Threaded Connections
• Flange Bolts
• Oven Accessories

Typical Applications

• Threaded Connections such as Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Pipes & Studs
• Bushings, Cams, Ways, Rails, Slides
• Pump Connections, Well Pumps
• High Temperature Oven Accessories
• Engine Cylinder Head Studs
• Exhaust Manifolds
• Wheel Studs
• Cover Plate Studs
• Flange Bolts
• Assembly Paste

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