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Versatile and Stable

Tribology's family of synthetically blended greases are formulated for a wide range of applications and for extremes of speed, temperature and pressure. Compounded for compatibility with most conventional greases, they are blended to meet and exceed manufacturer's equipment specifications.

Blended Quality

The extreme load carrying EP/AW capabilities of TTL greases are created with unique combinations of selected synthetic fluids, highly refined base stocks, proper thickeners, and fortified with exclusive TTL additive package. These homogeneous, long-life, oxidation resistant greases are produced with proprietary blending procedures under closely controlled conditions.

TRI 1-2-3

TRI 1-2-3 is compounded from an exclusive TTL package of quality fluids with an inorganic thickener to produce excellent temperature stability.

• Extends Lube Cycles
• Extends Bearing and Shaft Life
• Good for All Bearing Designs


T-760 has the unique ability to resist water and steam, while being exposed to intermittent temperatures up to
450°F/232°C. Recommended for moderate speed anti-friction bearings, bushings and general plant lubrication.

• Recommended for Long-Life, Sealed Bearings
• Distinctive Red Color for Easy Identification
• Water and Steam Resistant
• Rust and Corrosion Protection


T-777 is a high temperature grease formulated for universal multi-purpose use. This lithium complex based grease has an exceptionally high drop point and excellent cold weather pumpability making it desirable for multipurpose applications. T-777 is formulated with a tacky-fibrous texture to resist the wiping and squeezing actions present in plain bearings, bushing and sleeves.

• High Temperature Protection
• Shear Stability
• Water and Steam Resistant
• Extreme Pressure and Wear
• Elevated Temperature Protection
• Attractive Red Color

T-PolyTech #2

Excellent shear stability and low temperature properties. Contains chemical extreme pressure additives plus rust and oxidation inhibitors. General lubrication, heavy duty, all weather service. Attractive aqua color.

• Low Temperature Pumpability
• EP Rated
• Extended Lube Cycles
• Water and Steam Resistant
• Available with Moly (T-PGM)

"Additional NLGI Grades available. Marginal color variation is possible from batch to batch. The color has no effect on the lubricating properties of the grease."

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