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TRIFLUNOX Oils are among the most stable inert fluids known today. They are formulated with fluorinated (PFPE) fluids.

TRIFLUNOX products provide safe and consistent high performance lubrication. They have excellent properties such as high thermal stability, resistance to chemicals (sulfuric acid and chlorine), liquids and highly compressed gases (nitrous gases, oxygen, halogens). In the absence of air, TRIFLUNOX products are stable up to 350°C/662°F. They have a high affinity to metal surfaces and will out wet water and other corrosive liquids.

TRIFLUNOX Oils are compatible with all synthetic rubbers, elastomers and plastics and will not cause swelling or cracking. Also compatible with all types of metals. TRIFLUNOX products are stable under the influence of radiation or electron bombardment; are nonflammable and have a low pour and volatility rating. This family of products is inert to virtually all chemicals used in industry.

• Chemically Inert
• Non-Flammable
• Oxygen Compatible
• Oxidation Resistant
• Long Term Lubrication
• Less Expensive

Note: For optimum performance thorough cleaning of equipment is highly recommended.

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