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Designed for a wide range of general lubrication; from small and medium sized gear drives, to bearings, cams, ways, pumps, chain baths, and slide configurations. Used in drip cups, automatic lube systems and oil cans. T-10/50 will out-wet water and gives exceptionally long life, rust and corrosion protection for a variety of applications including circulating systems.

• Non-Drip/Non-Foaming
• High VI's
• Increased Equipment Efficiency and Life
• Extra Non-Drip (END)

T-10/50 SP

SP Semi-synthetic economical alternative to straight mineral oil lubricants. Proven to out-perform mineral oils in every important category. A true multi-grade, multi-purpose oil designed for general plant wide use.
• Oxidation resistant
• Anti-Wear and EP Film Strength
• Low Evaporation and Make-Up Rates
• Rust and Corrosion Protection
• Non-Drip
• Reduced Consumption and Inventory
• Increased Equipment Efficiency

T-7000 Multi-Application Oils

Formulated for multi-application in any plant with maximum anti-wear protection and long life. The synergistic blending of high quality petroleum and synthetic base fluids guarantees diversity and superior service plant wide. T-7000 Series Oils have been formulated for exceptional oxidation resistance, rust protection and foam control. Compatible with conventional petroleum lubricants. T-7000 Oils make inventory control simple.

• Anti-Wear Protection
• Excellent Oxidation Resistance
• Non-Drip/Non-Foaming
• Increased Equipment Efficiency and Life

Typical Applications T-7000
Light Loaded Gear Boxes • Hydraulics • Air Compressors • Chains

T-ATO Air Tool Oils

Special water absorbing oils for use in all types of air tools and pneumatic equipment. T-ATO "SPONGES" moisture and condensation out of air operated equipment with its unique additive package! ATO can absorb up to 10% of its own weight in water! These oils extend air tool life with superior anti-wear and EP performance.

• Prevent Equipment Seizure
• Cleans existing gummy deposits left by hydraulic, motor and light machine oils
• Eliminates power robbing deposits
• Low Temp/Non-Freeze (ATO-22LT)
• Food Grade Formula (ATO-32FG)

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