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T-3800 HT
Hi-Temp Synthetic Chain Oil - 525°F/274°C

T-3800 HT chain oils exhibit excellent anti-wear characteristics and power savings through friction reduction. 3800 series oils are ashless, smokeless products with no carbon, varnish or gummy residues at higher and continuous temperatures. T-3800 HTM with molybdenum disulfide in colloidal suspension. T-3800 HTT with micron particles of PTFE in colloidal suspension.

• Low volatility
• Extended lube cycles
• Self cleaning
• USDA H2 approved

T-911 HT
Synthetic/Metallic Hi-Temp Fluid - 425°F/218°C

A combination of synthetic oils and submicron molybdenum disulfide for maximum lubrication of all moving parts on all chain designs. The synthetic fluids have a powerful cleaning action that breaks down and dissolves prior carbon, varnish and gum buildup!

• Energy efficient
• Anti-Wear
• Ashless-No residue
• Extends chain and track life
• T-911 Clear-No Moly formulation

Hi-Temp Fluid - 325°F/163°C

Medium viscosity, semi-synthetic, high temperature chain lubricant. Excellent adhesion, good spreading properties and superior anti-wear protection.

• Economical
• Long life lubrication
• Available with Moly or Graphite packages

High-Temp Fluid - 375°F/190°C

T-919 HT is formulated with 100% synthetic fluids that will insure clean chain and track operation. This economical High Temperature Chain Oil uses the highest quality ester, high viscosity index oils and combined with TTL's proprietary additive package for superior anti-wear and oxidation protection.

• Excellent Oxidation Stability
• Anti-Wear Protection
• Reduce Downtime

T-38150 HT, T-38220 HT & T-38320 HT
Hi-Temp Synthetic Chain Oil - 525°F/274°C

All the same advantages of T-3800 HT, with heavier viscosity base fluids for added load carrying protection and higher chain speeds. Also available with M-Moly, T-PTFE, and G-Graphite packages.


High-temperature ovens, Tunnels, Dryers, Tenter frames, Shrink wrap machines,Textile auxiliaries, Steel, Plastic, Printing and woodworking processes.

Note: Additional Viscosities available.

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