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Anti-Wear Non-Leak

TTL's synthetically blended hydraulic oils provide maximum anti-wear protection for high pressure, high performance systems. The natural high viscosity indexes and the sophisticated hydraulic additive packages developed by TTL create maximum oil cohesiveness, resulting in leakage reduction– up to 90%!

Extended Drain Cycles

TTL's hydraulic oils increase drain intervals–typically 3 to 5 times longer than conventional oils, reducing waste disposal costs.

Continued System Efficiency

The pressure and temperature stability of TTL hydraulic oils permit continuous, around-the-clock system operation, without loss of equipment efficiencies. These high performance oils increase production output and profits.

T-HYD 32 • T-HYD 46 • T-HYD 68 • T-HYD 10/30

• Anti Wear–Extended pump and component life
• Anti Leak–Immediate leakage reduction up to 90%
• Superior Water and Oil Separation– Vent and drain for uninterrupted service
• Non-Foaming–Eliminate system chatter and erratic operation, minimizing production errors
• Rust and Corrosion Protection
• No sludge, varnish or gummy deposits
• High Performance–High pressure rating
• Reduced Operating Temperatures
• Power Reduction of 2-6% Average
• Seal, Gasket and Component Compatibility
• Superior Filter ability

High Performance Hydraulic Oils Vane, Piston or Gear Pump Systems

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