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Universal Synthetic Gear Box Oil
TTL gear oils deliver maximum protection against friction, wear and heavy shock loads. They have the excellent ability to absorb and remove heat from gear surfaces with minimal effect on gear oil performance.

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SP Semi-Synthetic Gear Box Oils
Field tests show reduced power consumption through reduced friction in all types of gear drive designs. Typical power reduction is 6% to 15%. Immediate and continuing savings!

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T-1000 Gear Oil Series
T-1000 Series are fully synthetic industrial gear lubricants formulated for enclosed gear sets operating under extremely high demand conditions. The special combination of synthetic fluids makes these oils desirable and effective in both extreme high and low temperature applications.

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T-9000 Gear Oil Series
T-9000 Gear Oils have been designed for oil applications where abnormal temperatures are encountered. Recommended for the lubrication of gears, circulating systems, plain and anti-friction bearings, journals and metal-to-metal sliding loads.

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