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Since 1982 Tribology Tech-Lube Inc. has been setting the standard for innovative lubrication technology by employing the newest discoveries in chemistry and using the highest quality base fluids and complex additive packages.

Tribology currently manufactures over 400 individual lubricants each engineered to meet today’s lubrication challenges in every type of industrial application. We manufacture superior products at competitive prices for optimal customer value with specialized or customized products for end users, distributors and OEM’s most demanding applications. Including:

● Pharmaceuticals ● Food & Beverage Processing ● Textile
● Printing ● Electronics ● Institutional
● Mining ● Automotive ● Primary Metals
● Chemicals ● Communications ● Government
● Paints & Coatings ● Plastics & Rubber ● Refuse Incineration
● Stone, clay, glass & cement    

Tribology Tech-Lube’s Worldwide Distribution network includes North & South America, Europe, Central America, the Mid East, Mexico, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Tribology Tech-Lube’s Quality Assurance Team continually checks to verify the quality of all incoming raw materials and all outgoing finished goods. With over 100 years of expertise and lubrication experience, Tribology Tech-Lube assures the highest level of performance for today’s toughest applications.

To properly serve the physical, economical and environmental needs of every customer, Tribology Tech-Lube has established the “Customer Enrichment Program.(CEP)” The CEP includes training seminars, plant & equipment surveys conducted by experienced field engineers, lubrication cross reference library, oil analysis, flexible time schedules, timely communications and scheduled follow-ups and prompt deliveries. Tribology Tech-Lube has made a sincere “Commitment To Excellence” in the exciting science of Tribology by manufacturing and marketing “Time Tested Lubricants.”

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